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  • 8 minuter sedan

    iStone berättar att de är klara med en Inriver PIM installation för sin Episerver DXC-kund Cramo. PIM-satsningen anses mycket viktig för Cramo. De berättar att “Content is king” i bolagets digitala transformation och PIM-installationen är ledande i förändringsarbetet - MKSE.com

    With the goal of being relevant in every step of the customer journey Cramo hopes to strengthen the relationship with their customers and shape the landscape within their industry. - iStone

    inRiver Product Marketing Cloud simplifies Product Information Management for B2C and B2B product selling companies, enabling product marketing professionals creating perfect product stories and great customer experiences across all touchpoints, simply to sell more, faster. - inRiver

    As one of the industry-leading service providers, Cramo has to manage a very large range of different equipment information, in multiple languages. With inRiver PIM, Cramo can be both efficient, flexible, and work strategically with full focus on the product information, in all channels and languages. - inRiver

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